Birthday Club

The Birthday Xperience is a capacity building programme where local community children learn  organizational skills by learning to project manage   their own Birthday experience and  small activities on the event Calendar aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals for which they can earn SDG badges

Skills Village 2030 is challenging  a new generation of young entrepreneurs, mentors, government  business and individuals to join us in piloting a   Cooperative  Shared Value Social Circular Experience Economy model using the Event Value Chain to contribute towards pro-poor initiatives and build capacity with the local children and youth.

This socio-economic development initiative would create workplace experience for young entrepreneurs, as well as creating great experiences for the local community children who would partake in a choice  of activities – learning about the Sustainable Development Goals – as well as  the joy of planning, preparing and producing their own small Birthday Xperience.

The Xperience 2030 #LetYouthCreateJobs is about planning, preparing and producing unique event solutions aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.   Events  and activities that create job in the value chain and offer a return on investment by leveraging value from events spend.   Our mission is to turn eventing know-how into a collective vehicle for sustainable development solutions –    delivering the best experiences – getting the job done right and making a difference in the lives of those empowered in the process

Inviting Government, Business, Civil Society and individuals  to come to the party – investing in solutions that work, putting the needs of our  youth first, connecting  with youth through events. We would love it if you could be a part of this exciting challenge.

The youth who run the Birthday Xperience programmes would form Primary Cooperatives as suppliers to the Birthday Xperience – learning how to organise small low key successful events and how to work with suppliers in the event value chain – supporting the shared value social circular experience economy

The children would participate  in twice weekly activities aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals,  like The Jane Goodall’s roots & shoots club, The Local Story Exchange,  The  SDG Heroes for Change, the Birthday Club and more…. igniting creativity and learning new skills through the planning, preparing and producing of their own Birthday Party as well as small activities aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • enjoy a lunch snack at the twice weekly programmes – supporting the Food & Beverage Cooperatives.
  • Sewing the Sustainable Development Goal badges that they earn through aligned activities, onto their “city safari” jacket – supporting the Sewing Cooperatives and the Print Marketing  Cooperative.
  • Working with the Performing, Creative & Visual Arts Cooperatives who would inspire creativity in the planning, preparing and producing of mini-parades aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals •Spending time in the proposed Tech Centre managed by the IT Coop and participating in coding – simple robotics and other activities
  • Participating in the FUNdamental FUNfair at the planned Local Community Market Days for local communities. Introducing entrepreneurship alongside social and environmental responsibility

The elders would be invited to participate in the “ Mbawula Dialogues” and “Quilting the Nation” and “Stories behind the Recipes”  projects which would result in a series of Quilts telling the story of the local community as well as a series of recipe books

The parents would be invited to participate in the planning, preparing and  producing of the Local Community and Market Day at which their children would have  their FUNFdamental FUNfair activities.

A key objective is to create  jobs in the Event Value Chain through the Birthday Xperience.

The programme oversight would be with Naniki Bapele from Mary’s Community Centre – where the social workers would work with the youth who are planning, preparing and producing the Birthday Club activities.    Creating the opportunity for the social workers to engage with families, using the Poverty Stoplight  movement towards poverty eradication in South Africa.    Poverty Stoplight is an approach that helps people progress out of poverty by empowering them to understand and map their own choices. It encourages households to participate and own their journeys out of poverty, and provides a clear line of sight of how to get there; at the same time allowing organisations delivering support to measure progress against their programme objectives.




Our objective

Are we moving the needle on poverty in our local community ?

For every $400 we raise – one child can join the Birthday Xperience  for one year and participate in two programmes a week -100 opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the youth empowered throught this process.    For ever $8000 we raise

  1. One youth from the Event Organiser Primary Coop will have a job for the year 2. The Food & Beverage coop would supply a light lunch twice a week for 50 weeks 3.  The  sewing Coop would sew the “City Safari” jacket  – printed by the Printing Coop, as well as the SDG badges printed and sewn.
  2. The Decor Coop would set the scene for the Birthday themed experience and supply the party pack.
  3. The Food & Bev – Baking Coop would supply the Birthday Cake.
  4. The Creative & Performing arts Coop would earn from doing the entertainment 7. The IT Tech Hub Coop would teach the young beneficiaries how to search for elements on the web that they would like to include in their party theme.
  5. The Cleaning Coop would clean before and after the event.
  6. The Talent Mentors Coop would oversee the programme.

The programme would create jobs – would bring such  joy to the local beneficiaries, many of whom have never had a Birthday party.    The learning in  a safe place is amazing for building capacity with youth=