Socio-Economic Development

Using time to capture the sharing heritage with the Gogos, parents, children and grand-children. These experiences could be turned into documenting our rich heritage and preparing for local, national & international tourism in the future. These will be the legacies of the future around the warmth of the kitchen table (recorded & edited as part of a proposed Community Based Tourism experience, virtual for now and real in the future, possibly become part of an exhibition, post Covid- Showcasing the projects below on World Rural Womens Day – 15 October on the Virtual Reality Show).

This is a great time to sit around the table and hear the stories, and write them down ( in whatever language the teller is talking – these can be translated. As well, the gogo or whoever is telling the story would also be able to include the legend that they are and this would be transferred onto a ‘Bowl Zero’ souvenir bowls that visitors and corporates could buy for their corporate dining room and sharing our Cultural history).

Tourists in the future could visit the elders in the community and be able to share some of amazing stories of old and new ‘heroes’.

The process

Socio-Economic Investment Opportunities leading to Enterprise and Supplier Development Shared Value