Enterprise Development

Creating an enabling environment to turn Project Management know-how into a cooperative vehicle for sustainable socio-economic and environmental solutions that create sustainable livelihoods and make a difference in the lives empowered in the process.


Registered Secondary Cooperative: 2010/001275/25

ISHISHINI SECONDARY CO-OP is responsible for the ADMINISTRATION elements in the Skills Village space (Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Systems Management).

ISHISHINI SECONDARY CO-OP is tasked at providing support services for the member Coops; bulk buying on behalf of its members coops; marketing of products and to handle such products on behalf of its members coops; to actively work towards improving thequantity and quality of cooperative patronage in member co-operatives; to assist member coops to interact with each other in problem solving and resource utilisation; to To enhance management & organisational capacities of Its member coops