About Skills Village 2030

Skills Village 2030 is a Secondary Cooperative Limited registered in terms of the provisions of the Co-operatives Act, 2005 (Act 14 of 2005) in South Africa. The main place of business of the Co-operative is situated at: Skills Village – 108 Frere Road – Bez Valley 2040 – Johannesburg – Gauteng

The objectives of skills village 2030 Secondary Cooperative is

(1)  To establish Skills Village 2030 as an economic platform for co-operative social collaboration and work management solutions using a practical event activity framework to deliver integrated PROJECT and EVENT MANAGEMENT workplace experience that moves learning from a ‘single occupation’ to learning for a cluster of related occupation industries based on common knowledge and skills for lifelong learning, cross-training and alternative pathways for progression that will contribute towards increasing the socio-economic and environmental health and wealth of local communities

(2)  Establish, formulate, maintain and develop such governance in the cooperative which ensures that all the primary co-operative members are rewarded fairly for their products, competency or services and constantly applies transparency, solidarity, justice, fairness, ethics, accountability, responsibility and best practices.

(3)  Implement the TEN STEP engagement process to identify and bring to market local commodities, goods, services and experiences through a COMMUNITY MARKET DAY, leading to ICONIC Local and District Events and a SOCIO-ECONOMIC EVENT TOURISM ROUTE and MAP to contribute towards local, national and international tourism, support the vibrant micro-economy multiplier experience and recognize achievements through the UMNOTHO Poverty Eradication Festival Secondary Co-operative Recognition Awards to be held annually on the 17 October – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.