Sustainable Development


Challenge 1 | TABLE TOP Challenge

Jazelle Jones – City of Philadelphia & Sam Lemheney & Elro from Braaks – South Africa  

17  young entrepreneurs  (in teams of 2 each) who are interested in being part of a Design & Décor Coop will be challenged to set a TABLE TOP for their goal (see video below) .   The planning and preparing will be done in the week prior to the Art of Sustainability Challenge and they  will set the Table Tops on the Monday morning between 08:00 and 13:00.  Judging will take place at 14:30 on the Monday.  The tables will then be used at the SDG breakfast the next morning where we are hoping to attract sponsors/mentors  etc. to be there.  The Certificates will be awarded at the Breakfast on the Tuesday

Challenge 2 | The Village Container

KEVIN GROTHE – Memphis in May.   The Village Container Challenge

Food & Beverage Coop – Goal 2 ZERO HUNGER & Goal 3 – Health & Well-Being.  Abraham’ s Arapaleng Primary Coop  will do a bit of health /exercise activities

LUNCH on Monday at 13:00 will see the challengers in action – planning, preparing and producing a lunch in the Courtyard with some Music/interactive dance showcasing how   Containers in communities can create a platform for local small, low profile events.

Challenge 3 | Sophiatown @ Victoria Yards

Stephen King CFEE
Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, IOWA


  1. Production Design /Film Venue Set-up
  2. Content – Cultural Component


CINDY LERICK CFEE  – The Art of Events – Saint Louis.


  1. themeXperience
  2. Design of the Times
  3. New Coop


  1. Mbawula Dialogues
  2. Elders Events
  3. New Coop


  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Marketing Materials
  3. Marketing Merch
  4. Promotions
  5. Public Relation
  6. Sales
  7. Sponsorship

Gayle Hall CFEE


  1. Attendee Management
  2. Communications
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Logistics
  5. Participants
  6. Site Management

Ira Rosen


  1. Compliance
  2. Decision
  3. Emergency
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Insurance
  6. 6.Legal
  7. Security
  8. OVERALL on Sustainable Events through the prior week workshops

Food & Beverage

  • Primary Coops in Food & Beverage
  • The Rooftop
  • Noni’s
  • Bambanani Primary Coop
  • Agents of Change P.Coop
  • Mama Mary

Secondary Coop Lt

Creative Arts

Bhekiz Khoza – African Jazz Pioneers etc.

SOPHIATOWN Before they knocked you down

Lu Ann Chapman

Event Handbook

Challenge 4

Information and Systems Management Challenge.

The first workshop for the youth to attend on this is Monday – the challenge will be for these youth to present on 15 July on what they believe the tech centre should need etc.

Anne below is the architect of the proposed hub funded by the British

Council DICE programme

Have funded the internet at the Skills Village IT Hub since 2006 . Made a huge difference for local  users.

Challenge 5 – The Birthday Club


Learning programs

  • Goal 12 | Goal 13 | Goal 14 |Goal 15 |Goal 16

Keli O’Neill Wenzell CFEE & John Wenzel

The Birthday Club Coordinators Coop

The Coordinators will showcase the programmes aligned to SDG Goals 12 – 16

GOAL 12  – LOCK – young Recycling Entrepreneurs from the J & B Hive will be doing the T-WASTE installation and working with the  local cleaners and Waste pickers to  manage the daily recycling and

uPcycling, including

  • Artists at work
  • Singing Sweepers
  • Car Cleaning to music
  • The Art of Recycling installations
  • Collecting |   Sorting |  Selling
  • The Village Cleaning Primary Coop

Challenge 6  Art Installations

Stephen King and Local artist/judges

Cindy Lerick Curator

Challenge 7 SDG Puppet Parade

Alison English Executive Director North Carolina Azalea Festival

The walk from Skills Village to Victoria Yards for the Sophiatown Experience will have a very simple ‘parade’ of stilt walkers and puppets aligned to the Sustainable Development goals leading the way.


Challenge 8 – Xperience the Market Lunch

Community Concierge @ Market – lunch