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Skills Village 2030

‘to go, to be, to learn, to earn’


Replicable, scalable – access to shared resources – access to property – access to market –and a planned circular economy platform for the future.

The opportunities for Cooperative inclusion is exciting.

With over 70 workspaces in 12 old buildings on Frere Road, Bez Valley on the eastern edge of the City of Johannesburg – Skills Village is proposed as a shared value learning and earning cooperative space for a socially inclusive entrepreneurial society.

A Curated Dynamic Linkage System bringing Buyers and Sellers Together


Skills Development Programme at Skills Village


Waste management solution for Skills Village


Skills VIllage 2030 – Celebrating Community Cooperatives

IFEA – International Festivals & Events Association Africa is inviting you to join the IFEA World & Foundation Boards in Johannesburg South Africa on the 16th July 2019 to participate in the Experience the Art of Sustainability Challenge.


Challenging a new generation of young entrepreneurs to join the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) for a “shared value social circular economy model” using events and activities aligned to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to create Sustainable Events for Sustainable Livelihoods.  


Challenging a new generation of creatives to participate in the creation of a street of Art of Sustainability installations that will bring the walls of Skills Village on Makers Way, in the Makers Valley to life. Sharing the story of the Sustainable Development Goals and indicators in a quirky fun socially inclusive way.


Creating a Cooperative Experience Economy using a calendar of events and activities aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals to plan, prepare and produce events and activities that build capacity, capability and communitas for youth in a safe, sustainable shared learning and earning fun environment.


to a new generation of creative innovators to submit proposals for Xperience 2030 “Art of Sustainability Challenge”. Designing, developing and installing creative wall and rooftop installations that will bring  the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and indicators  to life. Working towards a modern 4th  Industrial revolution  circular economy  inspired by the SDG’s to brings buyers and sellers together


 government, business, investors, visionary organisations and civil society to support young creatives in cooperatives to join  the  Xperience 2030  “Art of Sustainability”  challenge at Skills Village 2030.


Through the Installation challenge, workshops, activities, festivals and events  aligned to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Creating an Inclusive and accessible space for opportunities


into a shared vehicle for sustainable development solutions – empowering and educating youth to contribute towards achieving a demographic dividend for Africa.  Sharing the  learning, maximising the earning,  getting the job done right and making a difference in the lives empowered in the process

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